The Euskaltel Group places this Ethics Channel at the disposal of its clients, suppliers and third parties so that any of them, in good faith:

- may report facts or acts that they consider might presumably violate the rules of action applicable to the Group, under guarantees of security and confidentiality. Such rules may be both external (legal and/or regulatory) and internal (regulations to which the Group voluntarily submits as their own policy, Code of Ethics, Instructions for Conduct or others).

- may request information, consult or clarify any question regarding the regulations referred to in the preceding paragraph with regard to the activity engaged in by the Euskaltel Group.

This channel will not attend to questions, doubts or claims arising from product and/or service delivery by any of the companies of the Group or issues related to the Customer Care department.

Point 13 in the following link includes the form you can use to communicate with the Ethics Channel and another link to the Ethics Channel document, which contains the procedure for how communications will be carried out and managed

Ethical Channel of Euskaltel Group