The Euskaltel Group will enter five new markets in 2019

  • The company will reach more than one million new homes this year: in León and Cantabria through its R brand, in Navarra and La Rioja with the Euskaltel brand, and in Catalonia through the recently announced RACCtel+ brand.
  • The Group expects that customers in these new markets will account for 8% of its revenue by 2022.
  • It has been marketing its services in Navarra since last year and has already achieved a penetration level of 8.2% in some areas. It expects to increase its presence to 20% by 2022.
  • The company has an ambitious plan to form strategic alliances with the main players in the market, which would guarantee its growth in the near future and the potential to reach 10 million homes throughout Spain.

Bilbao, 9 January 2019. The Euskaltel Group is moving forward with its expansion plan aimed at extending the scope of its services in Spain. During the course of this year, the company will enter Navarra, León, Cantabria and La Rioja, as well as Catalonia. In line with its long-term vision and commitment to stability, the Euskaltel Group has drawn up an expansion plan that will enable it to establish itself in these five markets in 2019 with a high penetration capacity thanks to its experience and proven business model.

Following the integration of R and Telecable, the operator is now the largest independent cable platform in Spain and is fully prepared to grow. It expects to capture 90,000 new customers over the next four years as a result of its expansion plan.

Francisco Arteche, CEO of the Euskaltel Group, stated: "Aware of our strength as a leading company wherever we operate, the Euskaltel Group considers the expansion into new markets as a natural step in our plan to consolidate the Group as one of the main Spanish operators, always putting our customers at the core of the business" .

New customers will account for 8% of revenue by 2022

The company will reach a total of 150,000 homes in Navarra, where it has been marketing its services since last year. Thanks to its integrated business model which has demonstrated solidity, the rate at which the Euskaltel Group is penetrating Navarra, through its Euskaltel brand, is very high, achieving up to 8.2% in some areas of this market. It should be noted that the user base in Navarra is made up of valuable customers who contract three or more products.

The Euskaltel Group aims to establish itself in Navarra in the short term as the telecommunications company of reference for the provision of family solutions, with its current customer base expected to grow over the next four years to reach a penetration of 20% by 2022.

Similarly, the Euskaltel Group will be able to reach a total of 200,000 homes in León and Cantabria thanks to its agreement for the use of Orange's fibre network. Under the R brand, the Group expects a penetration of between 4% and 6% in these two markets by 2019, with these figures rising to 12% by 2022.

In addition, the Euskaltel Group will begin marketing in La Rioja, where it expects to reach another 85,000 homes. Due to their geographical proximity, all these new markets are natural targets in which the Euskaltel Group can expand in order to continue to be a brand that is very close to its customers.

The Group's expansion plan also includes Catalonia. In line with its strategic alliance plan, the Euskaltel Group will provide comprehensive telecommunications services to up to 600,000 homes in Catalonia via the RACCtel+ brand, after the recent signing of an agreement with insurance company RACC.

Arteche, the Group's CEO, added: "The company has always been committed to offering its customers the best quality at the best price. Our aim is to continue to offer the best telecommunications experience and to remain at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation projects, in addition to being the main ally in supporting companies, institutions and individuals in their new technological challenges".

The Group expects that customers in these new markets will account for 8% of its revenue in 2022. Additionally, the current agreement the telecoms company has with Orange offers the potential to reach a total of 10 million homes throughout the country in the future.

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