• The Euskaltel Group has signed an agreement with Orange to access 5G technology.

Bilbao, 15 October 2020. The Euskaltel Group has signed an agreement with Orange that will allow the Group to offer its customers 5G mobile technology as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator hosted on the Orange network. This agreement allows the Group to compete as of 1 January 2022. The parties may negotiate to bring this date forward to the moment when Orange launches the 5G Service on a commercial basis and on a mass scale.

This arrangement is a new step forward in the agreements signed with Orange announced on 13 December 2019, when the Company reported that it had renewed its wholesale agreements with the company, both for fixed and mobile networks.

The Euskaltel Group therefore guarantees its customers access to the most advanced mobile telecommunications services via a quality 5G network, and secures the necessary capacity to respond to all new mobile data service needs that users might have in the future.

The new agreement will remain in force for as long as the current Mobile Virtual Network Operator service agreements with Orange are in place (June 2024).

CEO of the Euskaltel Group, José Miguel García, remarked that "this is a very important agreement for the Euskaltel Group, as it enables us to guarantee access to the most advanced 5G technology networks in order to offer our customers top quality products and services. This agreement makes it possible to offer the best service to all existing customers and also to new customers coming on board through our national expansion strategy".

Euskaltel - Communication Department