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The Share and Share Capital

The share capital of Euskaltel, S.A. is 535.936.080 euros, divided into 178,645,360 shares, each having a par value of 3 euros, of the same class and series, numbered consecutively from 1 to 178,645,360, both inclusive, with the same political and economic rights, and which are fully subscribed and paid up.

All of the shares are ordinary and are represented by notes on account.

The ledger in which the book entries will be recorded shall be kept by Sociedad de Gestión de los Sistemas de Registro, Compensación y Liquidación de Valores, S.A. Unipersonal (Iberclear).

The Euskaltel, S.A. shares are listed for trading on the Stock Markets of Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia through the Stock Market Interconnection System (Continuous Market).

Evolution of the Share Capital

Current Share Capital

Share Capital modifications in recent years

Date Share Capital variation agreement Shares Initial Share Capital Resulting Share Capital
26-07-17 A capital stock increase by issuing 26,800,000 shares 178.645.360 455.536.080 535.936.080
23-11-15 A capital stock increase by issuing 25,307,560 shares 151.845.360 379.613.400 455.536.080
01-06-15 Splitting nominal value shares 20x1 126.537.800 379.613.400 379.613.400
20-12-12 Capital increase by the issue of 906,890 shares 6.326.890 325.200.000 379.613.400

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Management Team

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Charged to the 2019 tax year Charged to the 2018 tax year
PAYMENT DATE 2020/07/06 2020/02/05 2019/07/09 2019/02/07
EX-DIVIDEND DATE 2020/07/02 2020/02/03 2019/07/05 2019/02/05
GROSS AMOUNT (€) 0.170 0.140 0.170 0.140
WITHHOLDING (%) 19 19 19 19
NET AMOUNT (€) 0.1377 0.1134 0.1377 0.1134

Takeover Bid

There are currently no takeover bids in force relating to Euskaltel S.A.


Bylaws of Euskaltel, S.A.

CNMV filings

Euskaltel, S.A. warrants that the communications related to "Privileged Information" as well as the communications related to "Other Relevant Information" shown below as per Article 226 and 227, respectively, of the Consolidated Text of the Securities Market Law, are exactly the same as the ones sent to the CNMV.

All relevant facts and other communications filed with the CNMV related to Euskaltel, S.A. can be found on the CNMV website.

Significant Holdings and Treasury Shares

The information concerning the shares of Euskaltel, S.A. and the financial instruments of which the significant shareholders of the Company are holders, and which give the right to acquire or transfer these shares, is available in the public records of the CNMV.

Shareholder's Agreements

No Shareholder's Agreements have been communicated to the company.

Corporate Presentation

October 2019