Euskal Encounter BEC BILBAO

The Euskal Encounter is a mass gathering of computer enthusiasts and professionals that has been held in the Basque Country since 1994.

The Euskaltel Konekta Foundation takes charge of organizing the Euskal Encounter through SPRI, with the help of the Basque Government. Euskaltel also provides internet access for the LAN party at 60 Gbps, making it one of the fastest in the world.


EE27 2019 Edition

Gipuzkoa Encounter TOLOSA

A mass computer party of IT enthusiasts and professionals aimed at exchanging knowhow and conducting group activities using computers as principal tools. Gipuzkoa Encounter is a closer-knit, smaller version of the Euskal Encounter which maintains its essence. It is a mass get-together where computer enthusiasts and professionals share knowhow and conduct activities related to the world of information technology, having fun, honing their skills, and learning from the other attendees.

The event, organized by the Euskaltel Konekta Foundation, enjoys the collaboration of Euskaltel, Tolosa Municipality, the Department of Economic Promotion, Rural Environment and Territorial Balance of the Regional Council of Gipuzkoa, and the Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure through SPRI.


GE13 2019 Edition


The Araba Encounter is a party in the image of the Euskal Encounter, albeit with its own personality.

It is a mass encounter of computer enthusiasts and professionals who seek to exchange knowhow and conduct activities related to computers, the internet, and technology for three days.

The Euskaltel Konekta Foundation organizes and sponsors this IT encounter with the collaboration of the Regional Council of Álava, the Basque Government through SPRI, and the Municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz.


AE05 2018 Edition


Innova Bilbao is the largest creativity and innovation forum in this country. It came about with the aim of providing innovative tools and knowhow to business persons, professionals, entrepreneurs and students from diverse fields.


2019 Edition

Women in Progress BILBAO

The Women, Employment and Technology seminar, ‘Women in Progress’, is devoted to the importance of the sector and of studies in technology to women’s professional careers, and technological workshops for young girls.

These seminars are organized by El Correo and sponsored by the Basque Government, the Regional Council of Bizkaia and the Euskaltel Foundation. Camp Tecnológico is another collaborator.


2019 Edition


A computer party or mass meeting of IT enthusiasts and professionals aimed at exchanging knowhow and conducting group activities using computers as principal tools. This event is usually held in the ABANCA International Fairgrounds of Galicia in Silleda (Pontevedra) and enjoys the support of the Social Policy Council, with R as a collaborating partner.

The XGN R Encounter forms part of the Euskaltel Group schedule of Encounters through its Foundation, which has been conducting them in the Basque Country for 25 years, along with the Euskal Encounter, the Gipuzkoa Encounter, the Araba Encounter and the Technium R Encounter of Ourense.


2018 Edition

2019 Edition

Technium R Encounter OURENSE

The Technium R Encounter, organized by the Technium Association, enjoys backing from the Council of Galicia, R and Expourense. In its bid to create a point of encounter for new technology enthusiasts, it allows participants to take part in competitive eSport tournaments and digital art contests, and hardware or free software competitions within a wide-ranging program of activities.

The linkage of the Technium R Encounter to the Euskaltel Foundation schedule of 'Encounters', which began in Euskadi 25 years ago and includes the Euskal Encounter, the Gipuzkoa Encounter, the Araba Encounter and the Galician XGN R Encounter, has allowed for the growth of the event on all levels.


TECH7 2019 Edition is an initiative of PUNTUeus Fundazioa.

This is a digital magazine with contents in Euskera on the internet and technology.


Euskal Hack DONOSTIA

The EuskalHack Security Congress is an initiative of the leading ethical hacking association in Euskadi, a non-profit organization formed in Donostia and composed of different professionals involved in IT security investigations and computer forensics.

The main objective of this congress is to promote community and culture on the subject of digital security to any type of interested audience (experts or initiates who want to enter the world of security) by promoting and disseminating largely technical knowledge.


Third Edition, 2018

Fourth Edition, June 2019

Workshop at Euskal Encounter 27, July 2019

WordCamp IRUN

WordCamp is a non-profit event. It is an official local event of the WordPress community, organized by local WordPress community volunteers with the support and supervision of the WordPress Foundation, where professionals from design and website development, online marketing, digital business, and users working on their own personal projects meet.

This is the best way of learning from the experts as well as getting to know people from your own environment who may add value to your business or internet project.


2019 Edition