Euskaltel Cookies Policy

Euskaltel has set out below information on what cookies are, what type of cookies it uses, along with instructions on how to prevent those cookies being installed on your computer.

What are and what are cookies used for?

Cookies are small text files that are installed on your computer or on your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) as you browse websites/applications to keep a record of your preferences and record them for when you visit us again. The goal is to facilitate the use and browsing by the users.

In addition to the traditional “cookies”, Euskaltel uses the “Local Storage”, included in the HTML5 protocol, which are used in a similar way to the traditional cookies providing greater functionality and improving your security. These variables appear as “Local Storage” in the browser.

What does Euskaltel use cookies for?

Euskaltel uses cookies to record your preferences and to improve the user experience. The specific uses that Euskaltel makes of the cookies are detailed below:

  • Language - Store the preferences regarding the language chosen by the user. These cookies are temporarily stored in the user’s equipment.
  • Authentication - Maintain the user session once authenticated in the access portals, thus reducing the number of times you have to enter your password. These cookies are automatically eliminated from the equipment at the end of the session.
  • Analytics - Gather aggregated and anonymous statistical information on the use that the users make of the service to help Euskaltel to improve and optimise the navigation experience and it uses the Google Analytics services to do so. These cookies are temporarily stored in the user’s equipment.
  • User preferences and shopping trolley - Gather and store information on the user’s choices during the process to configure products and/or services, along with managing their subsequent purchase. This information is stored in local storage variables within the browser.

Description of the cookies used

Identification and Authentication Cookies
These cookies are used to identify the user during the session, which improves the user experience as the authentication processes on the website do not have to be repeated.

  • Name of the cookies: Local Storage, ASP.NET_SessionId, .EKTAuth . Purpose: they are used to identify and authenticate the user during the session and are eliminated at the end of it, within the '’ user private space.

Browser preferences cookies
These cookies are used for the user's browsing during the session, record the choices made, the pages of our website visited, etc.

  • Name of the cookies: language, selectLocale. Purpose: It stores the user’s language selection: Basque or Spanish to present the browser contents in the language chosen.

Cookies for browser analysis
These cookies obtain generic information on the user’s accessing the website (not its content) to later provide us with aggregated information on those accesses for statistical purposes.

  • Name of the cookies: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, __ga. Purpose: They allow the website to be monitored using the Google Analytics tool, a service provided by Google to obtain information on the users' accessing websites. The configuring of these cookies is predetermined by the service provided by Google and we therefore suggest that you consult the Google Analytics privacy page, to obtain more information on the cookies that it uses and how to deactivate them.
  • Name of the cookies: mybb[forumread], mybb[lastactive], mybb[lastvisit], mybb[threadread]. Purpose: Cookies exclusively used within the Euskaltel Forum: They are used to manage the accesses and ‘posts’ within the forum.
  • Name of the cookies: MF2. Purpose: This cookie is used to obtain anonymous browsing statistics on the users of the website.
  • Name of the cookies: test_cookie, id, u2, ID, LO, UA. Purpose: These cookies are used to segment adverts based on relevant content for a user, improve the campaign performance reports and avoid showing adverts that the user has already seen.
  • Name of the cookies: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_content, utm_term. Purpose: They allow the user's visits to be monitored for Euskaltel.

Cookies for user preferences and shopping trolley
The local storage variables or HTML5 local storage supported by the browser are use, they contain information on preferences and choices made by the user during the process to configure products and/or services on the website, along with managing the subsequent purchase.

  • Name of the cookies: Local Storage. Purpose: Values selected by the user during the product and/or service configuration process are stored. They include the list of street names to manage the installation, the type of contract selected, extra services selected for the lines, Boolean values of the boxes selected by the customer during the contracting process, payment methods, etc.

Other cookies
The following cookies provide additional features to those indicated above.

  • Name of the cookies: popup. Purpose: Cookie to limit the pop-up format advertising campaigns shown within the website to the visitors. It makes sure that the campaign is not shown more than once a day per user.
  • Name of the cookies: politica-cookies. Purpose: This cookie is used to control the cookies policy notice to the user.
  • Name of the cookies: xtc, uid, uvc, __atuvc, uit, dt, di2, loc. Purpose: cookies that are used to show the share bar on the different social media platforms available at different points of the website. No data is gathered on the user and it is just a link that provides the possibility of sharing the current website on different platforms if the user is previously authenticated in it.

How can I stop cookies being installed?

At any time, the user may decide whether or not to install the cookies used on its device. However, in this case, Euskaltel cannot guarantee the correct functioning of the services offered on the website/application. The following links are to instructions on how to prevent the installation of any type of cookies in computers in the case of the main browsers:

In addition, if you wish to only avoid the installation of Google Analytics cookies, Google provides a tool that allows you to do so and that you can download from this link: