• Virgin telco marks its 6th month anniversary with over 58,000 customers, exceeding in this period its year-end landline user target by 23%
  • The company also covers almost 21.5 million homes across Spain in a roll-out made possible by significant agreements with companies in the industry, such as Telefónica, Orange and Adamo
  • This success comes from flexible offers and a fresh, 100% customer-centred philosophy
  • Virgin telco customers are very satisfied and recommend the company's services more than other premium brands on the market

Madrid, 19 November 2020. Tomorrow, 20 November, will mark the 6th month anniversary of Virgin telco's launch, which took place at the height of the pandemic (20 May) and is already a huge success. The company has exceeded the business expectations, targets and figures set out in the roadmap.

The most striking data include more than 58,000 customers who have signed up to Virgin telco since 20 May. 43,000 of these are landline customers and around 15,000 are mobile phone customers. The company had set a target of 35,000 landline customers for the end of 2020 and with more than one month to go before the year comes to a close, this target has been comfortably surpassed by 23%.

Extraordinary network developments are, in part, responsible for this significant growth, as over its first 6 months, Virgin telco has come to cover almost 21.5 million homes across the whole of Spain (this figure is also higher than the 18 million homes set out in the business plan). Over 3.2 million of these homes are in Madrid, almost 3 million are in Barcelona, over 1.3 million are in Valencia and almost 1 million are in Malaga, Seville and Alicante. The important agreements announced during these months with companies within the industry, such as Orange, Telefónica (to offer NEBA services in areas free from regulation) and Adamo (for the use of its fibre network nationwide) have been key to the network's progress.

In just 6 months since its launch, Virgin telco has made a reputation for itself and has achieved recognition in the sector. Consumers rate their experience with the brand's services very positively; they are highly satisfied and would recommend the company over other brands on the market. The most notable services include internet coverage and reliability, access to OTT content and the amount of data and minutes included in mobile phone tariffs. The brand has a high customer satisfaction rating compared to other operators (8.2 points) and its best ranked services are its competitive prices and customer service (8.4 and 8.3 points).

The strategic roadmap drawn up by the Virgin telco team has been fulfilled point by point, confirming the project's extensive and positive path to growth. Part of this plan was the agreement reached with Netflix; the offering of the Roland-Garros tennis tournament free of charge in 4K quality; and furthermore, at the start of September the company also decided to strengthen its commitment to customers by offering them all unlimited GB until 2021 at no additional cost. This was a way of thanking customers for being part of the "Virgin family".

This is a large family that clearly loves on-demand content. Virgin telco continues to innovate in terms of content, extending its successful model. One of Virgin telco's strong points is its large film and series offering, since these thematic channels are the customers' favourites, accounting for over two thirds of the total. Just a few weeks ago, Virgin telco announced the launch of one of its new products, the "Netflix Fan" package, which includes access to Netflix and 10GB of data that customers can use on any of their lines (all free for the first 6 months).

There are other statistical data that reveal how Virgin telco has quickly expanded across the whole of Spain, as 72% of municipalities with over 50,000 inhabitants have contracts with Virgin telco.

Virgin telco's DNA, based on honesty, proximity, good customer service and agility (values already associated with the brand by customers), alongside its flexible product and service offerings allowing customers to choose the products they want has, week on week since its launch, made the brand a force to be reckoned with on a national level. The brand also has one of the quickest online ordering processes. On the www.virgintelco.es website, customers can make the most of digital onboarding in less than three minutes. This means that customers can easily choose what they want in just 180 seconds.

As José Miguel García, head of Virgin telco and CEO of the Euskaltel Group states:"In six months, we've seen how this project has grown extraordinarily and I am sure that as a result of the huge effort made by the entire team and the company's unbeatable philosophy, Virgin telco has a very bright future in the Spanish telecommunications industry, which, as I always say, is one of the most developed in the world. This is just the beginning and we will continue striving to offer customers services that meet their needs in a transparent, straightforward and flexible way. Customers will continue to be at the heart of our business strategy. 2021 will be an extremely exciting year, full of new developments".

Koldo Unanue, Chief Marketing Officer for Virgin telco also comments: "Virgin telco can lay claim to having understood the needs of current customers and has been the first and only telecommunications company to launch onto the domestic market at the height of the global pandemic. Although this might have seemed risky, the company continuously shows that it can go all the way and that its 100% customer-centred philosophy works".

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