The family activity is still a reference point in the generation of sponsorship or own events. This gives rise to different activities, like the Kirol Eguna, which brings together for one day thousands of individuals and families who comes together to celebrate sports and functional diversity. We work on numerous activities surrounding the family environment, also participating with Bizkaia Family Action, Hirukide in the defense of large families, ASPANOVAS, Etorkintza, FEVAS; Down's syndrome, Action Aid and a large number of organizations that defend and work in different spheres of family life.

Other events in which the family has participated are Denon Eskola, the day of the Basque public school, the Basque language parties in Bizkaia, Araba and Gipuzkoa, actions with children which we perform with soccer and basketball teams in the three territories, surfing and mountain activities and popular races among others.


Integration and Equality

The current labour agreement is one of the clear examples of commitment to conciliation and equal opportunities in the company. We also held talks for awareness and defence of diversity in clear harmony with the Law on the Social Integration of persons with different capacities and working actively with special employment centres.

All with one goal: bring the concerns and reflections on diversity and equality to the company and assuming the best practices in the field.



In sports sponsorship the participation of Euskaltel is well-known in the four main Basque football clubs: Alaves, Athletic, Eibar and Real Sociedad. With this activity we can offer a wide range of experiences to customers and attract customers that see potential beyond the mere business relationship in the brand. The actions deployed in this area have been relevant in this regard: signatures featuring players at our points of sale, travelling with the clubs to different games around the State, participation of children in the warm-up of the games, giveaways of merchandising products, attending VIP boxes. These collaborations and public relations in the sports clubs are accompanied by the brand as Telecommunications Technology Provider and which involves leading in the stadiums the most advanced telecommunications services.

There are other events, urban and local athletics events, Basque pelota, surfing, athletics, international skating competitions, like the Euskaltel Bowlzilla, held in Arrigunaga (Bizkaia) in its second edition and for which Euskaltel was awardedthe Local Award for the Company with Altruism.


Education, culture and Basque language

We continue immersed fully in the training and prevention of the use of technologies providing training at Euskaltel points of sale.

We also maintain our involvement with the Basque language on the internal and external level. The agreements are still in place with ikastolas (Basque schools) parties and the day of the Basque public school.

In the field of culture, we collaborate with Zinegoak, the LGTB+ Film Festival, a clear example of a fresh, diverse and alternative cinema.