Every year, Euskaltel produces its Sustainability Report, where it reflects its activity as a socially responsible company that seeks to balance its business targets with the expectations of its stakeholders. This report, given the level of information contributed, has been certified as "Exhaustive" by an external auditor.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Report

Its content seeks to accurately address those issues deemed to be most relevant by the organisations and individuals with whom our Company relates, i.e., by our stakeholders.

Euskaltel considers your opinion to be essential, by means of the attached questionnaire on which information should be prioritised when publishing them in our Sustainability Report.

Your opinion, along with those of other committed people such as yourself, will allow us to establish which issues have to be reflected in order for our next annual report to meet the requirements of our stakeholders more rigorously.

We are sincerely grateful for your cooperation, particularly for returning the completed questionnaire, but we also ask you to request any clarification or for further information related to the report by writing to us at memoriarc@euskaltel.com