The mission of the Euskaltel Group is to provide a complete response to people?s telecommunications needs and to assist businesses with greater productivity, providing them with communications tools and information management and contributing to the economic and social development of the environments in which it does business.

Based on this general position of the Group, Euskaltel has developed a Corporate Sustainability Policy that allows it to strengthen an enterprise that is sustainable, connected, coherent and socially responsible, and which looks to the current regulatory framework, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (based on the seventeen Objectives for Sustainable Development), the Paris Climate Agreement and the Good Governance Code of the National Securities Market Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores).

The Euskaltel Group carries out its responsible business project
with the following goals:

  • To contribute towards creating a framework of trust and transparency with partners and
  • To promote the personal and professional growth of people in a good work environment to achieve qualified and motivated human
  • To give value and opportunities for growth for the Group's local and strategic suppliers
  • To offer the best communication solutions to customers, to increase their satisfaction and to promote responsible
  • To manage with excellence all the environmental dimensions
  • To fulfil its fiscal commitments to contribute towards the sustainability of Society, acting as a responsible company that generates
    trust in its local
  • To guarantee a responsible model of Governance as a Group
  • To communicate in a responsible manner with the Group's stakeholders so that the group's values and
    social expectations
    are in tune
  • To contribute towards the socio-economic development of the local environment, carrying out activities of social commitment with its stakeholders

The Group believes that Corporate Social Responsibility should contribute to and focus on the creation of value for all of its stakeholders, to that end maintaining the commitments and values set out in its mission statement and keeping in mind its firm commitment to local communities, transparency, excellence in management, Good Corporate Governance, respect for Human Rights, equality of gender and opportunity for people, alignment of suppliers with Corporate Social Responsibility policies and responsible contribution into the tax system.

As operators, we have based the Group?s strategy on sustainable projects, with a special focus on people. Their knowledge, skills and abilities are the key to ensuring business competitiveness. The focus on customers and suppliers, the Good Governance policy, responsible environmental management, responsible payment of taxes, our social welfare activities, customer service in the language of the customer?s choice, and excellence in management generally, are the foundations for our economic, environmental and social responsibility.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

At Euskaltel Group we consider that the need to practice Good Governance is inextricably associated with the proper administration of the company, to safeguard its legitimate interests, to safeguard its sustainability, to supervise and guide its progress. And to achieve this it is necessary to respect the legal rules, the ethics and rights of those who, without being the owners, have direct or indirect interests in the conduct and progress of the same (customers, suppliers, partners, employees, authorities, competitors and the general public).

For this purpose Euskaltel Group has a Code of Ethics that establishes the principles and guidelines for the conduct that the people at Euskaltel, and those who work on its behalf, must adhere to in their internal and external relationships in their day-to-day activities.

Commitment to equality

The Euskaltel Group announces its commitment to the setting up and development of policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities for men and women, without discriminating on the basis of sex, either directly or indirectly. These principles are set out in our Commitment to Equal Opportunities and in our Corporate Policy.