Euskaltel sees this as an opportunity for coordination with strategic projects deployed by institutions, along with potential synergies produced by the company to create value. It entails innovation schemes, accessibility programmes, projects to increase coverage to include public infrastructures, action taken to promote rural development, environmental innovation or designs or descriptions of the life cycles of products on the market.

A major portion of this objective involves clusters or associations. To this end Euskaltel has created a capillary network of organisations, where it operates at different levels of representation. We act as the chair of Izaite (Basque Sustainability association), we are members of the board at Kontsumobide, EIKEN (Audiovisual Cluster), GAIA (Telecommunications Cluster Association), the Euskalit Foundation, the Basque Ecodesign Center, APD, COAVN (Basque Country/Navarra College of Architects), INKOLAN, Adegi, Cebek and SEA, among others. This map of associations produces much activity and business synergies.